What Forms Do You Want?

I am opening the floor for suggestions for forms. What forms do you want to see added to the website?

There are so many forms that people need that should be available for everyone, and not just to those who can afford an attorney. If you have a suggestion for a form, let me know with a comment below and I will look into adding it.

8 thoughts on “What Forms Do You Want?”

    1. Hi Randi. As long as you have lived in Oklahoma for at least 6 months and the county you live in now for the last 30 days, you can file for divorce in Oklahoma. Since there is no children, you will need the forms for a divorce with no children. You can get started at https://oklahomadivorceform.com/uncontested-no-children/. Fill out the simple form so I have the information that I need to prepare your divorce papers and then submit your payment. As soon as I prepare your forms I will get them emailed back to you.

    1. Hi Randi. The $75 is only for the divorce papers. I am only a document service, I would have to be an attorney to file forms for you at the court house. I will give you full instructions for walking you through the steps of filing your divorce and going before the judge to make it final.

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if me and my spouse have some issues about child custody and assets will we need to do a divorce with a lawyer or could we use your services and it be the same just way cheaper..

    1. Hi Crys,
      If there are any issues with anything within your divorce, you will need an attorney. My forms are only for when you are in complete agreement with your spouse. I am strictly a document service and can not help you with working through any of the issues you may have. If you can get all the issues worked out, then I could do your forms to save you money.

  2. Have you ever drafted a writ of habeas corpus seeking the return of minor children who are being unlawfully detained by grandparents? Or maybe it’s called a writ of assistance. I’m not sure. I can pay for the form? Thanks

    -worried mom

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