Step by Step Outline of the Process for Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma

As long as everyone agrees, the uncontested divorce Oklahoma process can be completely simple. There will be no need for a divorce attorney and the fees can be as low as $75 for an Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma with no Children, or $150 for your divorce forms online with children. The filing fees are $225-$245, and if children are involved, $10-100 for the parenting classes. I will outline the process you will go through when getting your paperwork through me.


Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma Process


The Divorce Paperwork

  • Go to the page on this website that is for the type of divorce your needing.
  • Submit your payment.
  • Fill out the form on the page and submit it.
  • If I have any questions while filling your paperwork out, I will email you promptly.
  • Once the paperwork is completed, I will email you a link to your printable divorce papers for you to review.
  • Look it over carefully and make sure everything is correct.
  • If there are any changes needing made, let me know and those will be done ASAP.
  • If I am mailing you your forms, they will arrive 1-3 mailing days after I have received your OK that the forms are correct. If you are printing your forms, print out the PDF and put the instruction page to the side. Staple the remaining pages together in the correct order. A blank page will separate each section that needs to be stapled together.
  • Call the court clerks office to find out if they provide copies when filing or if you will need to bring plenty of copies. If they don’t provide copies, print 3 copies of everything and staple as above. If I am mailing your forms to you, I will mail you 3 copies of each form so you will have enough.


Filing For Your Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma

  • Take the Petition with the attached verification page to a public notary and get them signed and notarized.
  • File the petition with the attached verification with the court clerks office in your county.
  • If you have children involved, find out about the parenting courses, which ones the judges prefer and how many hours you and your spouse will need to take etc.
  • Wait 24 hours then take a copy of the petition along with the Entry of Appearance and Waiver and Decree of Dissolution of Marriage (your divorce decree) to your spouse. Have them sign the entry and decree in front of a notary.
  • Get the signed Decree and the notarized Entry back from your spouse and take both to the court clerks office and file the Entry with the case number they gave you when you filed the petition.
  • If there are no children involved, wait 10 days and then call or go to the court house and request a court date. (Waiting times can vary, be sure to ask when you file the Petition)
  • If there are children involved, you will have to wait 90 days to get a court date. This gives both you and your spouse plenty of time to complete the required parenting courses. After the 90 days, call or go to the court house and request a court date.
  • Bring all your divorce paperwork with you to the court date. Your spouse will not have to attend.
  • After the judge signs the divorce decree, take it to the court clerks office to get it filed. You are officially divorced. Be sure to give your ex-spouse copies of everything.
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