Frequently Asked Questions

With supplying divorce forms online to people so they can self-represent themselves for divorces, many questions come up. I hope I can answer most frequently asked questions here. If you still have some questions, be sure to email your questions to me.


General and Divorce Related Questions & Answers


  • Isn’t what you do considered practicing law? No, not at all. I do not give any advice, I strictly complete documents for those who need them. I complete them exactly how my customers tell me that they want them completed.
  • Are these documents legal? Yes, It is completely legal to buy completed divorce documents. You can buy blank forms from Staples or download from the internet. Though they are cheaper, I would not recommend them because they can be very confusing if you are not familiar with the terms or forms. If you fill out the forms wrong, it can cause your divorce to be considered invalid or could require an attorney to fix. Allowing me to complete your documents for you, helps give you the peace of mind that they are filled out correctly.
  • Why can’t I meet with you in person? In order to keep my costs down, which in turn keeps my prices lower then most around, I do not have an office. Also, I service all of Oklahoma, and there is only 1 of me, would be too difficult to try to meet with everyone who would like to meet personally.
  • Do you offer refunds? I can only offer a refund if I have not emailed you documents, due to the item being digital.
  • Do you charge for making changes? There is no charge for changes made within the first 10 days after receiving the link to your documents. Be sure to check very carefully when you first receive the PDF file of your documents when you receive it. After the 10 days, there is a small fee for making changes.
  • Do you complete documents for other states? No sorry, I only complete documents for Oklahoma at this time.
  • My card keeps getting declined but I know that I have money on it. Be sure that you have entered the billing zip code correctly and the 3 digit security code on the back of the card correctly. Your card will be declined if either of those are not correct. If you have had to change your address with your bank, it is possible that your card still has the old billing address listed. Banks have separate systems for updating those addresses and they don’t always update the cards when they update the main system.
  • Ok, I have paid, where to get divorce papers now? Once I have your information and payment, I will get your divorce papers completed ASAP. I will upload the forms and email you a link to view and download your forms.
  • I don’t have a printer, how am I supposed to get my forms if I can’t print them? If you don’t have any way to print your forms, you will have two options. The first is going to your local library and printing your forms there. The other is me printing your forms and mailing them to you. If you would prefer for me to mail them to you, be sure to select that option when you are submitting your payment.

Divorce Related

  • Can you file my divorce for me? Only attorneys can file documents for you, I can’t because I am strictly a document service.
  • I just moved to Oklahoma, can I still file for my divorce here? The Oklahoma residency requirements require you to live in Oklahoma for at least 6 months, and you have to live in your county for the last 30 days. Even if you have lived in Oklahoma for several years, if you just moved into a new county, you will have to wait till you have been in the new county for the last 30 days.
  • Can’t I just file in the county that I just moved from? No, because you can no longer be considered as living there for the last 30 days once you have moved. Your residency ended in that county the day that you moved to the new county and the residency began for the new county on that day.
  • Do you notify the court house that you have completed documents for me? Because of me being strictly a document service, I have no contact with any court systems.
  • What if I can’t find my spouse? It is best if you try all means to locate your spouse because otherwise, you will need to do a Divorce by Publication. These can be lengthy and can get expensive.
  • The state has put our children in foster care or a relative has custody of our children, do we still have to file a divorce with children? Yes, the reason is because there are minor children born of the marriage.
  • Our children are no longer minors, do we have to file a divorce with children? No, you only have to file with children when there are still minor children that are being taken care of by the parents.
  • Does it matter if my spouse lives in another state? No. As long as they are willing to sign the documents and can get them notarized, they can live anywhere.
  • Does it matter if we were married in another state/country? As long as you are legally married, where you were married doesn’t matter.
  • What if my spouse refuses to sign? You will need to contact an attorney if your spouse refuses to sign the documents.
  • I don’t know how much to put for child support, can you help? Sorry, but I can’t.
  • The judge said he wont sign with the terms listed in the decree, can you change it for me? Yes, but there will be an additional charge for making the changes. Make sure that you know exactly what the judge is wanting changed so you can provide me with the correct details.
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