Oklahoma Divorce Paperwork for Oklahomans With Children

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If you need more info about this type of divorce, scroll just past the steps and read more information over an uncontested divorce with children.


Divorce in Oklahoma With Children
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What you need to know about an Uncontested Divorce with Children

Though it is a little more complicated than a divorce without children, you can still easily get your uncontested divorce paperwork for a divorce with children without a divorce attorney. As long as everyone agrees on all the details, the process can be headache free and affordable.

The basics for any divorce is splitting the property and bills. For the children, you will need to think about how you want custody to be listed, the visitation that will be given, and child support.


Custody can be listed in several ways. Full physical and legal custody means the child lives full time with the custodial parent, and the custodial parent makes all decisions regarding the children. Full physical with joint legal means the children lives full time with the custodial parent, but both parents make important decisions together for the children. Joint physical and legal custody means the children are with both parents equally and both parents share the decision making for the children.

Child Support

Child support is a very important part of the divorce. This insures that the children are well taken care of and is the duty of both parents to insure this happens. In the simplest of explanations, if the children are with one parent primarily, with the other parent only having weekend visits etc. (the noncustodial parent), then the noncustodial parent will most likely be the one to have to pay child support. If the children are with both parents equally, then it will go by the parent’s income. If one parent makes substantially more than the other, then the parent that makes more will most likely have to pay child support to the one who doesn’t.

For help with figuring out how much to figure for your child support, scroll to the end. There is a link to a state website for more information and there is also an Excel sheet you can download to help you with calculating the child support.


Also you will need to think about the holiday visitation. Many times, couples think that the children can just be with who they are with at the time the holiday happens, (Easter falls on the weekend when the father has visitation, etc.) but what about holidays like Thanksgiving? That holiday is always during the week and never on a weekend, so the non-custodial parent will never get that holiday for visitation. That is the purpose of splitting the holidays, and holiday visitation trumps the regular visitation therefore if a regular visitation is missed due to a holiday, it is not required that it must be made up.


For a judge will sign a divorce decree involving children, according to Oklahoma divorce laws, both parents will have to take parenting courses. This is primarily to help the parents understand how the divorce will affect the children involved. The parents can take this together or separately.

Time Frame

The process time for completing an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma with children will take about 3 months. This is because you will have to wait 90 days from the time you file to get a court date. NOTE: Some counties have a longer period for an uncontested divorce with children.

Please keep in mind that if you are receiving retirement savings or you have substantial amounts of property to be divided, i.e. rental property or a business, then you will need to get an attorney to help you with the divorce paperwork. It is still very possible to keep your costs down as long as everyone is in agreement on wanting an uncontested divorce.

(If you need help deciding on the amount of child support, or the judge wants to see a worksheet, you can find a link to one on this page along with more relevant information by the Oklahoma Child Support Services.)

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