How Much Is A Divorce In Oklahoma?

You have finally made the decision but now your asking yourself, How much is a divorce in Oklahoma?”.  Well, it all depends. Do you and your spouse agree? Or do you argue over every detail? Is there children? Or has it been so long since you have spoken with your spouse that you don’t even know where they are now? There are many things that affect the type of divorce you need and the costs of a divorce.

Keep reading and I will try to answer these questions for you.

What type of Divorce in Oklahoma do you need and the price?

Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma

This type is great when everyone gets along and your able to divide everything equally without needing anyone to help with the details. When everyone agrees, there is only need for one to go to court when it is time for the Judge to sign the divorce decree. Your spouse will sign the decree ahead of time along with a waiver so they won’t have to attend the court date. The price for this time is the cheapest you will find. The divorce papers are only $75. You will also have to pay a filing fee when you file your petition, which will range from $225 to $235. You will also need a public notary, some charge, some don’t. Check with your bank and they might supply this service free of charge.

Uncontested Divorce with Children

This is the same as above, but involves children. The costs are a little higher, but not a lot. The divorce papers are $150 but the filing fee remains the same at $225 to $235. You will also need a public notary. The additional step for this type of divorce is that you will also need to take a class. This is required of both parents and is for helping the parents understand the affect of divorce on the children. The pricing for this ranges from $10 to $100. You can check with your court clerk’s office at the time you file your petition to get more information about the classes.

Divorce by Publication

Sometimes as life goes on, you can loose touch with your spouse. Lives are busy and starting out, divorce could be hard to think about so you just carry on with your life. Eventually, you no longer know where they are. Now you want to finally get your divorce done, but you have no idea where to start. You can still get your divorce, but it is a bit more complicated then the others. The divorce papers for this type is $125. A big part of the process is going to be doing some research to try to find your spouse. You will have to contact many military offices in the process of attempting to locate your spouse. Make sure you put 110% of yourself into this search because if the Judge feels you haven’t tried, they can tell you to do it again. The expenses can get more up there with this type also. You will have to pay a process server, along with having to pay for a notice to be in the newspaper for at least 3 weeks if the judge grants your wish to do so. You will also have the standard notarizing and filing fees along with all the other charges. This type could easily get into the cost range of $600 depending on the newspaper prices and the length of time the judge wants the notice published.

Contested Divorce

If you find that you and your spouse can’t agree on anything, you will need an attorney. These types of divorces can be very rough. If you have children, consider trying a mediator first, especially if you have children. The worse a divorce is, the harder it is on the children and the worse it will affect them.

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