Completing Information Form

I find frequently that my customers seem to have a bit of trouble when completing information form. I hope to clear up any and all questions to help smooth the entire process.

Completing Information Form

I am going to go question by question through the information form to help explain what information is needed for each part. For both types of divorces, with and without children, the first half of the form is exactly the same.

  1. Email: Self explanatory.
  2. Date of Marriage: I need the Month, Day, and Year you were married.
  3. City and State where you were married: I need the exact City and State you were married at. If you were married in another Country, please be sure to note that. It doesn’t matter what State you were married in.
  4. Your Full Name, Including middle name: I need your First, Middle and Last name to complete your documents correctly.
  5. Your Spouses Full Name, Including middle name: I need your Spouses First, Middle and Last name to complete your documents correctly.
  6. Your Mailing Address: Including City, State and Zip Code: I need your fulling mailing address, this includes the street or po box number, the city, state and zip code. It is important that you list your zip code because frequently cities will have more then one zip code.
  7. Is the Wife Pregnant? Self explanatory.
  8. Name Wife would like to go to after divorce: The full name the spouse would like to go to after the divorce, First, Middle and Last name.
  9. Agreed division of property. If property already divided, put N/A: List any property that needs to be listed that hasn’t already been divided and how you would like the property divided and also any property that needs to have titles transferred etc. If there is vehicles, please list VIN#’s.
  10. Agreed division of debts. If debts already divided, put N/A: Please list any and all debts that needs to be divided and how you would like them divided. Please include account numbers if known.
  11. Anything else you would like listed on the divorce? Anything that you feel you would like listed on the divorce that doesn’t fit into any of the other sections of this information form. (This question is the last one for those filling out the form for divorce documents with children.)
  12. Will you need to serve your spouse or send documents to them via Certified Mail? THIS IS FOR DIVORCES WITHOUT CHILDREN ONLY. If you think you spouse might try avoiding receiving the documents when you send them, select yes here to receive some additional forms to help with this.

The remaining questions will be the rest of the information needed for preparing divorce documents with children.

  1. Children’s names and dates of birth. Please list full names of each child; first, middle and last names, and their dates of birth including the month, day and year.
  2. Who will have custody and what type? I need to know the name of the person who will have custody. Custody types include full or joint physical, and full or joint legal. Example, you can have full physical custody and share joint legal custody.
  3. Agreed upon visitation? List how you would like visitation listed on the divorce.
  4. List of holidays that are important for holiday visitation? Self explanatory.
  5. Amount of child support that is agreed upon or agency handling child support? You must either list an amount for child support or list the agency or case number that is already in place for child support. If you have already applied to the Oklahoma Child Support Agency, it needs to be listed as so and not a specific amount because the agency will have their own court case and orders setting the child support.

Once you have completed information form, enter the security code shown in the box and hit submit. You are done. If you have accidentally skipped a section, the form will let you know. If you answered all the questions, then the form will clear once you hit submit. If you have not already done so at this time, go back towards the top of the page and submit your payment.

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