Oklahoma Divorce Law

I found this article very good in describing some of Oklahoma Divorce Law over the types of divorces. There are 3 listed, but I only offer documents for the last one, no-fault divorce documents. The other 2 will require an attorney to complete the documents.

Oklahoma Divorce Law

In the state of Oklahoma there are a few options for couples who are looking for a divorce. The first option is called limited divorce and is similar to what is known as a trial separation in other states. Limited divorce will take away the rights for the couple to live together but will not affect any other legal status. So, from a legal standpoint the couple is still considered married, but not living together. This leaves the door open for the couple to possibly get back together in the future.

Another option for divorce in Oklahoma is called absolute divorce. This option is for those who have experienced marital misconduct or other statutory causes that interfere with a healthy relationship. This is an option for those who wish to end their marriage all together. This option is for those who wish to close all doors, and not even have the option of getting back together in the future. The one condition for this option is that the couple must remain residents of the state of Oklahoma for at least six months for the divorce to take effect.

The third available option is called a ‘no-fault’ divorce. This option was first enabled in the state of Oklahoma and allows a couple to end a marriage without revealing any public information on why the relationship failed. This option allows for a small amount of privacy which can make difficult times seem a little bit easier.

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