I have had customers have some difficulty submitting payments. I have updated my payment process so that should help a lot. If you still have some problems submitting payment, look over this walk through. If you still need help, be sure to give me a call and I will help you with your payment.

Submitting Payment

Click on the menu link, Prices – Order, at the top of the page.

uncontested divorce forms payment page

On the Prices – Order page, you will see all the available forms that Oklahoma Divorce Forms has. Click “ADD TO CART” the one that you are needing.

Oklahoma divorce forms products

uncontested form added to cart

After you have clicked “ADD TO CART“, you will see “View Cart” appear beside the link. You can now click “View Cart” to go to your cart and begin the check out process.

verify cart


On the next screen, verify that you have only 1 item in your cart and the price is correct for the item you are wanting, (example: you have the form type for mailing in cart but do not need your forms mailed). Your total should show either $75/$90 without children, or $150/$165 with children. If everything looks right, click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT“.

submitting payment securelyBefore filling out any information on this page, be sure that you see the following information on the left in your browser’s address bar. If you do not see at least https or the padlock item beside the webpage address (if your browser hides the https:// part of the address), then it is not safe to enter your personal information. Please contact me ASAP if this happens.


billing information

Be sure to complete all information that is required. If you have any additional information for me, please add that to the Order Notes section.

submitting payment

Enter your card information then select “PLACE ORDER“. At that time you have finished submitting payment. Congratulations!

Note: If your card is rejected, be sure that you have entered the billing zip code and CVC number correctly. If you have changed your address with your bank, it is possible that the old address is still connected with your card. Banks have more then one system that has to be updated when addresses are changed, and often they only change it in the main system.

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