Seasonal Giving 2022!

Enter Yourself or a Loved One to Win 5% of My Sales!

Seasonal Giving

Oklahoma Divorce Forms, LLC. is Giving Back!

I am part of the Oklahoma community, and this is my home too. So, I’m taking the opportunity to help some of my neighbors who’ve fallen on tough times through the first seasonal giving event.

Each month of the event, every entrant has an opportunity to win 5% of my sales. That’s hundreds or thousands of dollars, and we pick two people each month. That’s right; we’re helping two Oklahomans every month.

However, there’s a catch!

You and your loved ones can’t win if you don’t enter!

All entries are good for one month, so you only need to submit a name once per month for the opportunity to win. All drawings happen on the 3rd of the following month, so it’s easy to submit your name or a loved one’s for a big surprise.

Just fill out the form to enter your name or a loved one’s name today. It’s fast, simple, and you never know what could happen. You could change your own or someone else’s life just in time to make a real difference!

 Your Neighbor,
Oklahoma Divorce Forms, LLC.

P.S. Make sure you share this page so that everyone has an opportunity.

 The Rules

  1. You can enter for yourself or someone else, but not both.
  2. The person submitted must be a legal resident of Oklahoma, so if you don’t live here but have family or friends who do, you can still submit them to win.
  3. You promise the person submitted has been negatively affected by our current economy.
  4. You can only enter once.
  5. No purchase necessary!

Who would you like to submit for winning?

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